Summer Camps


Day Camp ( June 15-19, 2015)

(Students entering 1st to 5th grade in the fall)

A new camp that reaches out to residents in the Hampshire County area, Peterkin works hand in hand with area experts and the Department of Natural Resources with a week of camp focused on conservation, ecological, and environmental issues. Running from roughly 8am to 5pm each day, we hope to share the Peterkin experience with our local neighbors!


Senior Camp (June 21-27, 2015)


(Students entering 10th in the fall through those that just graduated)

Open to youth entering 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, as well as graduated high school seniors, Senior Camp offers a fitting conclusion to the Peterkin experience. The camp program emphasizes discussion apicnd personal reflection, focusing on real-world issues, and encouraging campers to reflect on their faith and its implications in their lives. As young adults, Senior Campers are afforded a wider range of activities, with meditation, bible study and rewarding work projects complementing the usual camp electives. They are invited to take more responsibility for the camp, and are encouraged to plan worship and organize camp activities. There are multiple outlets for outdoor leisure time as well as creative arts such as writing and music. As they begin the next exciting stage of their lives, young adults at Senior Camp can find a relaxing, nurturing, and engaging place to renew and strengthen their faith in God and themselves.


Mini-Camp (June 28-July 1, 2015)

(Ages 3-8, plus guardian)

Mini-Camp is a fun, inviting opportunity for the youngest of campers to try out the Peterkin experience. It is another abbreviated camp session, intended to introduce summer camp activities to children who aren’t quite ready for a whole week on their own. Campers must bring an adult to experience camp with them (Beginner Campers are invited to stay and have an adult join them), giving them the support and assurance they need to try out new things and make friends at a young age. For those who want to get a safe, encouraging start on their first Peterkin experience, Mini-Camp is a chance for little kids to try out some big fun.


Beginner Camp (July 1-4, 2015)


(Students entering 2nd and 3rd grade in the fall)

An abbreviated session for our youngest independent campers, Beginner Camp allows rising 2nd and 3rd graders to try out an overnight camp in a safe and encouraging environment. These young campers will be introduced to the youth camp program, with group activities, electives, and evening activities that reflect those offered at our older camps. In an environment designed to help youngsters feel comfortable in their first time away from home without a parent, Beginner Camp uses age-appropriate activities, including crafts, nature walks, and music, as an introduction to Christianity, the camp experience, and Peterkin itself. With days full of fun and plenty of time for rest, Beginner Camp is the perfect place for young campers to take the first steps in a lifelong Peterkin journey.


Intermediate Camp (July 5-11, 2015)

(Students entering 7th, 8th, and 9th grade in the fall)

This year’s Intermediate Camp is also a Confirmation Prep Camp based on the popular Hunger Game Series and the Catechism. The focus of the camp is knowing our story as God’s people and Christ’s followers. We will learn the basics of our catechism under the umbrella theme of the Hunger Games – a popular young adult movie and book series that while not overtly Christian offers many themes that model Christ like love and sacrifice as well as the cost of following a rule of life different from the one condoned and enforced by the world. Campers will have the option of renewing their baptismal vows or being confirmed.
Campers who are already confirmed will still enjoy this energetic camp; with opportunities for fishing, archery and hiking, but plenty of time is allowed for relaxation. The program helps kids investigate faith in their lives, encouraging personal reflection while providing opportunities for group discussion and social interaction.


Family Camp (July 12-18, 2015)

(All ages)

Open to families of all types, Family Camp offers a relaxing vacation in a caring Christian environment. Families are free to spend time together as they see fit and are invited to take advantage of the beautiful wooded surroundings and local area attractions. Bible discussions, worship services, and ‘inter-generational’ group activities promote spiritual growth for every family member; outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and story time promote relaxation and fun for all ages. Family Camp brings families closer to God and each other.


Junior Camp (July 19-25, 2015)

(Students entering 4th, 5th, and 6th grade in the fall)

For upcoming 4th, 5th and 6th graders, Junior Camp couples the experience of exploring faith and church life with the excitement of a whole week away at camp. This camp helps to introduce campers to many engaging new activities and ideas, with elective sessions like arts and crafts, nature walks and music, and free time diversions that include swimming and field games. Whole-group activities encourage lots of participation while allowing for plenty of socializing. For young campers who are looking for a basic understanding of the Church, themselves, and their relationships with friends and family, Junior Camp is a fun, exciting, meaningful place to start.


MAD Camp (July 26-Aug. 1, 2015)

(Students entering 4th - 12th grade in the fall)

Music, Arts, and Drama! Focusing on helping kids develop and nurture diverse talents, MAD Camp is available to campers entering 4th through 12th grades. Younger campers will engage in art classes, and older students will serve as mentors while working with resident artists to further develop their own creative gifts. Electives range from photography and arts and crafts to film-making and dance. As the campers explore their own talents, the unique camp program provides ample opportunities for them to discuss their Relationship with God and the church, and to reflect on the role their artistry can play. This camp offers plenty of outdoor fun, group activities and socializing, plus free time diversions that include swimming, hiking, and field games. With the wide variety of activities offered in a caring environment, Peterkin is the perfect place for young people to refine skills and explore new ideas.




All overnight youth camps at Peterkin have a designated Healthcare Provider and all camps have first aid certified adults on site at all times who administer routine health care. An emergency contact plan is in place should any medical emergencies occur. Parents are notified as soon as possible in the event of any special medical or emergency situation. If your camper has any special needs (physical, behavioral, etc.), every effort will be made to accommodate her special needs. Please include any past or potential concerns on the Health History form. The camp director will contact you prior to the session if there are any questions.